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Volume III • 2014     

Please Join Us at Flash Memory Summit

August 6 & 7, 2014 in Santa Clara — Booth #801

In this issue:

» July 2014 Meeting 
» 2014 SAS Plugfest 
» Open Board Seat 
» SCSI Expert - Videos 
» STA Appearances 
» Recent SCSI Press 
» What's Coming Up...



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Member Digest

Following each STA Face-to-Face meeting held in conjunction with T10 this electronic digest of updates and member news since the previous issue will be sent. When this was done in the past the active STA member representatives reported that it served as a useful reminder of what happened and what's coming up. It is also a convenient way to keep company colleagues apprised of STA and SCSI technology news. Please forward this to your colleagues and management who should be apprised of the value of your company's membership in STA.

Michael T. LoBue, CAE
Executive Director

July 2014 Meeting

The fourth STA meeting of 2014 was held in Colorado Springs, CO during the week of July 14th; it was also T10's 122nd meeting. The highlights of the STA Plenary meeting on Wednesday, July 16 include:

Executive Report
There's a total of 29 members — down one member from May. Renewals otherwise remain strong
Financial Report:
Financial position is strong and on budget to this point in the fiscal year; however, looking forward we know there will be some downward revenue pressure due to the loss of two more members before the year is out as the result of market consolidations. The Board reviewed an 18-month forecast (thru end of 2015) and is confident that with some corrections put in place this year, STA can continue to maintain a balanced budget through 2015.
Board Meeting Summary Report
Identified 10 companies to proactively contact for STA membership
Call for nominations to fill the board vacancy caused by Dan Reno's resignation
Considering a "Beer & Pizza" session in near future
Narrowed the venue selections for the T10/STA meetings in March 2015 — location will be San Diego.
Marketing & PR Update and Overview:
Planning for 5 press releases/media alerts between now and Dec. 31, 2014
Monitoring about 5 editorial calendars for article opportunities
Article topics in various stages of authorship:
12Gb/s SAS in full-swing
SAS in the Data Center
Tiered Stroage — tiering or caching
SAS reduces storage bottlenecks
Storage Connectivity
T10 Liaison Report:
Single extend atomics passed at Vancouver meeting
Multi extent still "in discussion"
Connector-weaklink: look at more data next meeting (crosstalk)
Forced unmap — modify version of write same with OS's
Logical block markups modifications in hinting proposal — not yet settled
ZBE continues to make progress
No new feedback on FEC or Not
See notes and highlights for the agenda and presentation at the plenary meeting (in Members' Only Section): http://www.scsita.org/members/sta_docs/2014/07/2014-july-member-meeting.php 

2014 SAS Plugfest

The next SAS Plugfest is scheduled for September 22 - 26, 2014 at the University of New Hampshire's InterOperability Laboratory in Durham, New Hampshire. The deadline to submit a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) was Friday, June 13, 2014. After this date all planning teleconference meetings will be restricted to representatives from those member companies that have submitted a signed NDA. As of this writing, the following companies have submitted signed NDAs for this event:

STA Members
Avago (LSI)
ConnPro Industries, Inc.
Marvell Semiconductor
The Univ. of New Hampshire
Western Digital
Agilent Technologies
SanBlaze Technology, Inc.
Serial Cables
The deadline for participating members and non-members for registering for the event is this Friday, August 1st. Register here!

Thanks for your service, Dan! — Open Board Seat

At the July 15th meeting of the Board of Directors, Dan Reno submitted his resignation from the Board after serving for 3 ½ years as a WD representative. Dan's departure was driven by his move from WD to HGST. HGST already has a representative on the Board, Chet Mercado. In keeping with the principle: one member, one vote, STA does not permit more than one Board member from a member company. We all wish Dan the best in his new position at HGST.

With Dan's departure, the Board decided to put a general call out to the Sponsor and Principal members that do not have a representative on the board at this time to submit nominations for the Board's consideration. According to STA's bylaws, the Board of Directors has the authority to fill a Board vacancy to complete the term of vacancy. The term for STA board positions is one year.

Nominations will be open until Friday, August 8th at COB Pacific Time. A representative may nominate themself, or another eligible candidate. Eligibility is defined as an employee of a Sponsor or Principal Member of STA. The Board meets face-2-face six times per year during the T10/STA meetings. There may be one or two other occasions during the year when the board needs to meet. These are generally teleconference calls.

Questions about this process should be directed to Michael LoBue, Executive Director (LoBue at scsita.org); LoBue can also provide the nomination form to interested parties.

Ask the SCSI Expert — Video Series

As previously announced, we're attempting to generate content for the STA website to advance STA's educational and promotional mission by capturing short video clips of STA member representatives talking about SAS topics rather than only writing about these subjects. Just like submitting contributed articles, any member representative can have their topic approved for a video spot. Once your topic and talking points are approved by submitting them through the Marketing Committee's review process (same as contributed articles -- usually a week to review) you can either cut the video in your corporate facilities, or schedule a session with Michael LoBue at one of the STA face-to-face meetings. Below are the two videos completed at the March meeting in New Orleans: Cameron Brett's 6 minutes on 12Gb/s SAS innovations, along with Dan Reno's 4 minutes on Pin3:


If you're interested in scheduling a video recording session at a future face-to-face meeting, contact Michael at: LoBue at SCSITA.org.

STA at Flash Memory Summit

STA representatives will be presenting on Wednesday, August 6th from 9:45 a.m. to 10:50 a.m.:

Session 202-B: "Scale-Out Storage Solutions for Today and Tomorrow"
Marty Czekalski, President STA Board of Directors
Cameron Brett, Member Board of Directors
Mike James, Member Board of Directors
Jeremiah Tussey

Recent SCSI Press

HGST Ships Highest-Capacity, Highest-Performing 10K Hard Drive for Mission-Critical 24/7 Data Center Applications • July 9, 2014 
Molex iPass+™ High-Density Interconnect System is Ideal for Large-Scale Storage • June 17, 2014 
SanDisk Unveils World's First 4 Terabyte Enterprise SAS SSD • April 30, 2014 
SanDisk Delivers Increased Performance for Mission-Critical Applications with Lightning Gen. II SSD Product Family • April 30, 2014 

What's Coming Up

STA @ Flash Memory Summit
Aug. 5 - 7, 2014 • Santa Clara, CA 
STA & T10 Meeting Week
Sept. 8-12, 2014 • Westborough, MA 
SAS Plugfest
Sept. 22-26, 2014 • UNH, Nashua, NH 
STA & T10 Meeting Week
Nov. 3-7, 2014 • Santa Rosa, CA.

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