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Volume I • 2014     

In this issue:

» March 2014 Meeting 
» 2014 Annual Meeting 
» 2014 Board of Directors 
» Ask SCSI Expert - Videos 
» All the Best to Chris 
» Recent SCSI Press 
» What's Coming Up...



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Member Digest

Following each STA Face-to-Face meeting (held in conjunction with T10) we will send this electronic digest of updates and member news since the previous issue. When this was done in the past the active STA member representes reported that is was a useful reminder of what happened and what's coming up. It was also a convenient way to keep company colleagues apprised of STA and SCSI news. Please feel free to forward this to your colleagues and management who should be apprised of the value of your company's membership in STA.

Michael T. LoBue, CAE
Executive Director

March 2014 Meeting

The second STA meeting of 2014 was held in New Orleans during the week of March 10th; it was also T10's 120th meeting. The agenda for the STA Plenary meeting on Wednesday, March 12 was:

Introdution & Sign-In
Executive Report
Financial Report
Board Meeting Summary Report
Roadmap Update
SCSI Express
Marketing & PR Update and Overview
T10 Liaison Report
See notes and highlights for this presentation at: www.scsita.org/members/sta_docs/2014/03/2014-march-member-meeting.php 

2014 Annual Meeting

STA's 2014 Annual Meeting was held on January 15, 2014 during the STA/T10 meeting week in Irvine, CA. During this meeting the ballot for 2014 Board of Directors voting was concluded, resulting in filling all the board positions (see next article). The "year-in-review" report for 2013 was presented, documenting another very successful year promoting and educating the marketing on SCSI technology. See the notes and highlights of the report at http://www.scsita.org/members/sta_docs/2014/01/2014-annual-member-meeting.php.

2014 Board of Directors

At the January 15, 2014 Annual Meeting of the Membership, the ballot period closed for the election of the 2014 Board of Directors; immediately following the Annual Meeting, the new board held a special meeting to elect the officers for the year. The 2014 directors and officers are:

Marty Czekalski, President (Seagate)
Greg McSorley, Vice President (Amphenol)
David Allen, Treasurer (PMC)
Rick Kutcipal, Secretary (LSI)
At-Large Directors:
Cameron Bret (Toshiba) New
Mike James (SanDisk)
Chet Mercado (HGST) New
Jay Neer (Molex)
Dan Reno (WD)

Ask the SCSI Expert — Video Series

During the January 2014 MarComm Committee meeting it became apparent that preparing expert SCSI and SAS content in the traditional form of written articles was not the priority through 2013 - or for some years - that it had been when Serial Storage Wire (SSW) was conceived many years ago. Michael reminded the representatives that they are still the "experts" and providing knowledge and education are no less the organization's priorities than they were in the past. He offered to bring a video camera to each of the face-to-face meetings to capture in video whatever STA member representatives wish to convey about SAS. Two member representatives stepped up and were recorded while in New Orleans. Cameron Bret's 6 minutes on 12Gb/s and SAS innovations, along with Dan Reno's 4 minutes on Pin3 are now on the STA site.


Protocols and practices for continuing to record video segments at STA/T10 meetings will be discussed at upcoming MarComm meetings. If you're interested in scheduling a video recording session at a future face-to-face meeting, contact Michael at: LoBue at SCSITA.org.

All the Best to Chris Lyon

This may be old news for many of you, but this is the first association-wide announcement of Chris' departure...

Chris Lyon accepted a position at Amphenol effective the first of February. Chris' colleagues at LoBue & Majdalany Management Group have had the pleasure of working with him for nearly 14 years! It has been a complete pleasure to work with Chris — we know STA and T10 representatives feel this way too. It's our great benefit that we'll continue to see and interact with Chris in his new position as North America Business Development Manager at Amphenol.

For STA, Chris' accomplishments include these highlights:

Approximately a 50% growth in membership -- phenomenal when considering that STA's focus has been promoting the SAS protocols and not hustling for members;
3 very successful "technology showcases" (one about every 3rd year);
Approximately 15 plugfests -- supporting the maturation of SCSI from the "Ultra320-era" to the role out of the first 12Gb/s SAS products last year;
a dozen board election cycles;
the planning and presence of STA at approximately 30 industry trade shows; and
the preparation of and attendance at about 66 STA member meetings.
Among Chris' accomplishments in the profession of association management are attaining the highest professional certification in our field, the CAE (Certified Association Executive) 10 years ago, and maintaining his certification through continuing education credits. He also qualified to be a certified trainer for the American Society of Association Executives' Certified Association Manager coursework.

Recent SCSI Press

TOSHIBA Announces Next Generation 15,000 RPM Enterprise Performance Hard Disk Drives • March 3, 2014 
HGST Ships Fastest, Highest Capacity 15K RPM 12Gb/s SAS Hard Drives for Mission-Critical 24/7 Applications • February 27, 2014 
SCSI Trade Association Announces 2014 Board of Directors; Foresees Continued Advancement of Predominant SCSI Data Storage Standard • February 11, 2014 
SCSI Trade Association Announces Completion of First Version of SCSI Express Specification, Advancing Performance and Innovation of Enterprise Data Storage • February 4, 2014 
Read-Intensive Applications Have Met Their Match in New Toshiba Enterprise SSD • December 2, 2014 
LSI Introduces 12Gb/s SAS MegaRAID® Controller Cards and Expanders to Power Leading Datacenters Worldwide • November 20, 2013

What's Coming Up

Data Storage Innovation Conference
April 24, 2014 -- 2:05 - 2:50 • Santa Clara, CA
"SAS: The Fabric for Storage Solutions"
by: Marty Czekalski & Greg McSorley 
STA & T10 Meeting Week
May 5 - 9, 2014 • Vancouver, BC 
May 13 - 15, 2014 • Washington, D.C.
"SAS: The Fabric for Storage Solutions"
by: Marty Czekalski & Greg McSorley 
DEADLINE to submit Plugfest NDA
June 10, 2015 
STA & T10 Meeting Week
July 14-18, 2014 • Colorado Springs, CO 
STA & T10 Meeting Week
Sept. 8-12, 2014 • Westborough, MA 
SAS Plugfest
Sept. 22-26, 2014 • UNH, Nashua, NH 
STA & T10 Meeting Week
Nov. 3-7, 2014 • Santa Rosa, CA.

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