[STA Members] 2014 SAS Plugfest Test Plan Draft

Greg McSorley greg.mcsorley at amphenol-highspeed.com
Wed Apr 2 11:52:01 PDT 2014

Hi David and All,
How this be a draft when the plug fest group has not even been formed? Plug fest test plans are defined by those that have signed the NDA and are part of the plug fest group. 
We now have just told the world what we did in our last plug fest. 

I understand wanting to send a "sample" test plan to those on the call who were interested but this is a bit beyond that.

Hoping that folks will realize this and delete the message and the attachment.

And then we can send out a idea of some of the things that people are looking to test and how we might start to accomplish that so folks can make decisions on attending and continue the beginning plans of the plug fest.

Thank You



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Hello All, 
Please find attached a draft test plan for the September 2014 SAS Plugfest. This draws heavily from test plans for previous plugfests. It includes portions for test EEPROM in cables, as well as optical cables. Although Zoning has been tested before, I include it here since the Zoning tests are often useful precursors to the Large Build tests, which many people requested be a part of this next plugfest. 

Also included are tests for data protection and power management. These had been included in earlier test plans, but the tests were never fully executed due to not having enough devices that supported those options at the time. 

Feedback is welcome, as this is a very early first draft. I will not be able to be on the call tomorrow, but am eager to hear your feedback and ideas. 

thank you!

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