[STA Members] Last Call for SAS Advanced Connectivity Webinar Sponsors

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Fri Oct 16 11:47:29 PDT 2009

STA Members,
As most of you know, we are hosting a SAS Advanced Connectivity webinar in
about 3 weeks. Below are all the details. Currently we have three STA
members sponsoring this event: Intel, JDSU, and Seagate. This is a last call
for webinar sponsors. We have already been promoting this event and will
continue to promote it over the next three weeks.

Sponsorship details are:
Cost: $1,000 
1. Logo on ³Sponsored By² Slide preview & ending the webinar
2. Name and / or logo on some of the event promotions
3. list of attendees for webinar live event.

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Webinar details:

Title: SAS Advanced Connectivity
Sponsored by STA Members: Intel, JDSU, & Seagate
Live Event Date: Thursday, Nov. 5, 2009
Time: 9 AM pacific.

SAS connectivity includes a varied set of components and interconnectivity
options used to accomplish diverse storage system objectives.
Attendees will learn:

€The details necessary to assemble and deliver compelling SAS solutions
€About the SAS Advanced Connectivity Roadmap
€What SAS Connectivity Management means
€Why SAS Advanced Connectivity is important for extending SAS¹ reach into
emerging cloud computing, large data centers and enterprise storage

Presented by: Harry Mason, President, STA and Director, Industry Marketing,
Supported by:
STA VP Marty Czekalski (Interface Architecture Initiative Manager, Seagate)
STA Board Member & Secretary Cameron Brett (Marketing Manager, PMC-Sierra)
STA Board Member Paul Vogt (Senior Director Product Management, Xyratex)

Please feel free to publicize this webinar to your sales team, channel,
customers, partners & more.
Go to: http://www.scsita.org/news_events/webcast_banners.html to download
banners promoting the webinar.

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