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Below please find info on an upcoming conference - see the end of the  
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Register Now for Creative Storage 2009

April 19, 2009 (in Conjunction with the NAB Show)

Digital Storage--- Enabling New Content Markets for Uncertain Times

Come to the one-day Creative Storage Conference to make valuable  
connections and to participate in the latest trends and requirements  
for digital storage to serve creative minds and create new and  
growing markets.

5 Sessions Spread Over the Day Cover:

Storage For Capturing Content
Find out about the changing role of storage for content capture in  
professional applications including cameras and field editing. We  
will also have discussions of digital storage for animation and  
special effects generation.

Storage for Content Editing and Post Production
The conference will explore direct attached, networked storage as  
well as grid and other advanced storage architectures to support non- 
linear editing and post production.

Content Delivery and Digital Storage
Hear about the evolving requirements of traditional and fast growing  
non-traditional content delivery markets. This includes video on  
demand, cable and satellite distribution and various methods of  
internet and mobile phone distribution. It also explores digital  
storage opportunities in video and content downloading and social  

Content Archiving and New Roles and Models for Physical Distribution
Reliable long term content conversion and archiving that stands the  
test of time and deals with format obsolescence will create stronger  
and more robust content libraries. We will look at new physical media  
distribution models including flash, hard disk drives and higher  
capacity optical discs as well as new kiosk models for getting  
content to consumers for static home and mobile devices.

Entertainment and Media Users
Listen to notable end users of digital storage from the entertainment  
and media industry discussing their uses and issues with digital  
storage in this industry.

Why you should attend!

Don't miss this 3nd Annual conference on Creative Storage!

Higher resolution in theatres and in homes and mobile devices are  
driving enormous growth in demand for digital storage.

Between 2009 and 2014 we expect a substantial increase in the  
required digital storage capacity used in the rich media market  
according to a study from Coughlin Associates.

Hear how major media equipment suppliers and entertainment industry  
customers use digital storage technology in all aspects of content  
creation and distribution.

Discover how to combine and leverage optical storage technology with  
new opportunities in the digital media market.

Find out how digital storage plays a role in new content distribution  
and marketing opportunities for a rapidly evolving market.

See presentations on digital storage and digital acquisition and  
capture, non-linear editing, compositing and special effects.

Find out how to convert and preserve content digitally and protect it  
in long term dependable archives.

Be at the juncture of digital storage and the next generation of  
storage for the professional media market.

Find out how digital storage can help you profit in the professional  
media market in turbulent times.

Meet folks that can help you further your business and your career!

Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

Many door prizes and give-aways including a Focus Enhancement FS-5  
Portable DTE Recorders. The FS-5 brings direct to edit recording to  
your HDV or DV camcorder and enables adding customer metadata while  

Contact us Regarding Speaking and Sponsorship Opportunities
for the 2009 Conference
Phone: 408-871-8808,
Email: info at creativestorage.org

Your Action Items!

Register for the event..make your flight/hotel  
registrations...NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!

use coupon code 1233709504 for $50 off of the regular early  
registration price.

Join us! CreativeStorage.org

Register at the Flamingo hotel for one of our discount block rooms

Entertainment Storage
1665 Willomont Ave
San Jose, CA 95124

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