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Alice Tate alice at scsita.org
Mon Aug 24 12:17:56 PDT 2009

Quick announcement that the SAS Plugfest registration page is updated with
all new questions, & available at:


The plugest registration form, as you will notice, is much more involved and
detailed than it has been for the past 9 SAS Plugfests. The detail will help
UNH-IOL, the committee chair, and the SAS Plugfest team to plan a more
effective and detailed test plan than previously.

If you do not know full information on the company attendees ‹ that is OK.
Just fill out as much as you know. You can go back to the form later when
you know exactly who is going to the event and when, fill in just your
company name and attendee details (without re-entering all the company
detail and product detail information).

Most important: Please fill in as soon as you know your company will
definitely be attending the plugfest, and with what product information.
This is key to forming a solid test plan.

Also note that all fees must be paid before the plugfest week.

Let me know if you have any questions,

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