[STA Members] Follow up SAS Plugfest discussion

David Woolf djwoolf at iol.unh.edu
Tue Aug 4 08:55:00 PDT 2009

To help with this discussion, UNH-IOL has put together a matrix of the 
possible Phy capabilities that a device could potentially support, see 
the attached spreadsheet.

What the matrix shows is that at a single speed, there are 8 possible phy 
configurations, not including different settings for amplitude, 
pre-empahsis, and equalization.

I'd like to hear what the best way to delineate (i.e. high medium low or 
specific values) these other three settings are ( amplitude, pre-emphasis, 
equalization ) This way we can determine all the possible phy 
configuration permutations. As you can see this will lead to a big number 
of test runs, much more than could be accomplished during 1 week. The next 
step will be to whittle down to the most interesting 4-5 combinations.


On Mon, 3 Aug 
2009, Michael Fitzpatrick wrote:

> Everyone,
> I would like to follow up on our discussion we had last  past Tuesday on
> the plugfest call.
> I for one would be interested in doing additional phy level testing at the
> up coming plugfest.  I definitely like the idea of having multiple devices
> with different settings already programmed into them or like someone stated
> to have an expander/switch with multiple ports and each port having
> different settings.
> In order to flush out this idea on how we do this additional phy level
> testing, we need to have some understanding of just how many companies
> would be interested in doing more phy level testing.
> If you could let David Woolf and myself know if your company is interested
> in doing additional phy level testing, and there is enough interest, we can
> start putting some ideas together for discussion on the next couple of
> call.
> Any questions, please let me know.
> Thanks,
> Mike Fitzpatrick
> Email    mfitzpatrick at us.fujitsu.com
> Cell phone    (405) 820-5809
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