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Michael Koffman Michael.Koffman at wdc.com
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WD certainly will be interested in PHY level testing; especially since we
have raised this question in the beginning :-)

Michael Koffman
PHY Technology
Western Digital Corporation
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I would like to follow up on our discussion we had last  past Tuesday on
the plugfest call.

I for one would be interested in doing additional phy level testing at the
up coming plugfest.  I definitely like the idea of having multiple devices
with different settings already programmed into them or like someone stated
to have an expander/switch with multiple ports and each port having
different settings.

In order to flush out this idea on how we do this additional phy level
testing, we need to have some understanding of just how many companies
would be interested in doing more phy level testing.

If you could let David Woolf and myself know if your company is interested
in doing additional phy level testing, and there is enough interest, we can
start putting some ideas together for discussion on the next couple of

Any questions, please let me know.


Mike Fitzpatrick

Email    mfitzpatrick at us.fujitsu.com

Cell phone    (405) 820-5809

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