[STA Members] Plugfest NDA-Only Call Tomorrow

Alice Tate alice at scsita.org
Mon Mar 3 11:41:14 PST 2008

STA Members,

Our first Plugfest team call that requires an NDA is tomorrow.  The  
call-in information and details have gone to the plugfest reflector.  
If you HAVE NOT received this email, it means you are not on the  
plugfest reflector. The following companies have turned in their NDA  
as of last Friday:

Adaptec Inc.
Fujitsu Computer Products of America, Inc.
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies
Lecroy Corporation
LSI Corporation
PMC-Sierra Inc.
Samsung Information System America
Seagate Technology
Western Digital

For general plugfest info:  http://www.scsita.org/news_events/ 

To download the plugfest NDA go to: http://www.scsita.org/news_events/ 

To register for the plugfest go to:  http://www.scsita.org/ 

If you need help with any of this, please email or call me.


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