[STA Members] 6G call reminder

Ham, Bill (Massachusetts Storag) Bill.Ham at hp.com
Tue Aug 1 06:06:31 PDT 2006

I cannot attend this call.  I have serious objection to the same
interface requirements for both disks and external interconnect.  This
provides little benefit and seriously impedes optimization for the two
very different environments.  Other than that this seems reasonable.
Personal opinion
Cheers, Bill

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	STA Marcom & Members, 

	Quick reminder that at the STA members meeting in Colorado
Springs, the STA decided to have two telecons to discuss 6 G marketing
requirements between now and the next T10 and STA meetings in September.

	The first call is scheduled for tomorrow. Below are the details.
Attached is the baseline presentation the team will be working from. Any
member company representative is welcome to participate in the calls. 

	Dates: Tuesday, August 1, 2006 
	Time: 10 AM pacific 
	Tel.: 1-877-213-4847 
	Passcode: 781 407 0288 

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